Warth Schroecken




Tariffs for Dorfbahn Warth.

For pedestrians and tobogganists.


Berg- oder Talfahrt5,504,003,00
Berg- und Talfahrt7,005,004,00
Saisonkarte Tag (ohne Nachtrodeln)71,0053,00
Familienkarte 2 Stunden
Familienkarte - 1 Erw. + 1 Kind12,00
Familienkarte - 1 Erw. + Kinder16,00
Familienkarte - 2 Erw + 1 Kind16,00
Familienkarte - 2 Erw + Kinder20,00
€ 5,- pro Rodel für 2 Stunden5,00
€ 3,- pro Rodel Einzelfahrt3,00

Year of birth limits (only upon presentation of I.D.!)
Senior citizens year of birth. 1955 and before
Youth D.O.B. 2000-2003
Child D.O.B. 2004-2011
Child I D.O.B. 2004-2008
Child II D.O.B. 2009-2011
Children born 2012 and after need the ‘Snowman card’
Adult discount: Main residence Vorarlberg or Tirol, with official photographic I.D. stating residential address.
Holders of a guest card, a ski association or Alpine association I.D. with valid year stamp.

I.D. is required for all discounted tariffs!
Tariff conditions and conditions of carriage for Skipool Warth-Schröcken apply.

Subject to error and changes!
All prices in Euro incl. 10% VAT.

Likelihood of triggering
Triggering is possible, even from low additional loads, particularly on the indicated steep slopes (steeper than about 30 degrees). In certain situations some large, and in isolated cases very large natural avalanches are possible.

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  • L200 Bregenzerwald
  • B198 Reutte
  • L198 Lech
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Warth Schroecken