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From experience, we know that despite all the joy on the booked holiday can always come in the short term something in between. In order to avoid costs and hassle, we recommend that you take out cancellation insurance: We recommend that you take out cancellation, early departure and mountain rescue (incl. Helicopter rescue) the Hotel Cancellation Plus, which you can take out directly online at your Warth Schröcken booking.

Did you forget to take out travel insurance? It's not a problem.

Is COVID-19 an insured cancellation reason?

YES! In order to support tourism, European Travel Insurance has decided to insure Covid-19 diseases as well as any other unexpected serious illness, despite the pandemic status according to the WHO and despite the fact that pandemic is not insured anywhere. This means that the previous pandemic ban will no longer be applied in this respect.

The insurance cover is provided for:

  • Disease of the guest with COVID-19
  • Disease of a close relative or a person living in the same household with COVID-19 and the presence of the guest at home is urgently needed
  • Fever and suspicion of corona, even if the test result is later negative
  • A positive test result without symptoms
  • A close relative in the common household is ill and the guest has to be quarantined

There is no insurance coverage:

  • If the guest is classified as a risk person and therefore does not wish to travel for fear of contagion
  • Due to a precautionary quarantine imposed by the authorities upon return to the home country
  • Loss of employment due to redundancies caused by the pandemic
  • Border barriers, officially imposed hotel closures, lock down by the government (abandonment of the accommodation contract basis = no cancellation costs may be charged by the landlord)

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